Friday, September 29, 2006

:::Award Wining Music

2000 "The Bitch Song"
2000 "
2002 "
Girl All the Bad Guys Want" - #8 UK, #64 US Hot 100, #38 US Modern Rock
2002 "
2003 "
Punk Rock 101"
2004 "
1985" - #23 US Hot 100, #5 Hot Digital Songs, #22 Australia, #35 UK
2005 "
Almost" #48 US Hot 100, #23 US Pop 100, #20 Hot Digital Songs
2005 "
Ohio (Come Back to Texas)"
2006 "
I Melt With You"
2006 "High School Never Ends"

::: Other Appearances

Guard My Heart (from the HBO movie Sardines)
Jimmy Neutron Theme Song (from the major motion picture
Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius)
5 O'Clock World (as heard on the
Drew Carey Show)
...Baby One More Time (from the major motion picture
Freaky Friday)
Here We Go (from the
Scooby-Doo 2: Monsters Unleashed Soundtrack)
Bare Necessities (from the
DisneyMania 3 CD)
Lil' Red Riding Hood (from the
Cursed Soundtrack)
Undertow (from the
Summerland Soundtrack)
I Melt With You (from the
Sky High Soundtack)
Punk Rock 101 (from the videogame
NHL 2004)
Suckerpunch (heard and briefly seen in the 2002 film
Ghostbusters (from the
Just Like Heaven soundtrack)
Punk Rock 101, And I Ran (from the video game
Backyard Wrestling)
The Last Rock Show (As heard in the
Malcolm in the Middle episode "Family Reunion" 2002)
The Girl All The Bad Guys Want (As heard in the movie
The New Guy)
Almost (As heard in the movie
Dirty Deeds (2005 film))
Gilligans Island Theme (As heard on
The Real Gilligan's Island)


Jaret Reddick once appeared on the UK show Never Mind The Buzzcocks
The car that appears in the video to
The Bitch Song is a British Ford Anglia 123E.
Jaret Reddick appears in
MC Lars' video for Download This Song
Bowling For Soup performed as the fictional band
Hearts That Hate while on tour with MC Lars
Gary Wiseman had a band prior to Bowling For Soup called Gary and the Wisemen
Jaret Reddick received the news of Bowling For Soups Grammy Nomination while in the delivery room as his first child was being born
Jaret Reddick recently appeared on MC Lars's track 'Download This Song'. He has also featured on 'Runaway' by The Lordz and 'At The End Of The Day' by The Army Of Freshmen.
Jaret Reddick and Chris Burney make an appearance at the end of 'Top 20 Rock Deaths' where they decide that dying in a plane crash but not being on the plane therefore 'splatted' by the plane would be a good rock death.
Jaret Reddick and Chris Burney made an apperance on 'I Love The 90's Part 2'
Jaret Reddick also manages a band called DV8 and a solo artist called Zac Malloy


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